slangen-koppelingen-AllportIn the hoses and couplings segment a large know how and flexibility is required, which we try to meet in all times. We supply and repair all sorts of hoses. We have a partnership with one of the largest producers of composite hoses in this area, the Fa. Gutteling BV in Rotterdam. Because of this co-operation it makes it possible to find a quick solution for complex issues.

We deliver this wide range of hoses and couplings also in other parts of the world, particularly in Houston and Singapore, where we have a warehouse. We also deliver a wide range of possibilities of PU and PVC hoses of the well known Italian producer Merlett, these hoses have proved them selves in this wide market of the Industrial and Maritime sector.

If required, we will test all hoses with couplings and provide them with a test certificate. For the required periodic inspection of the various types of hoses, Allport has certified various test units which are able to test on location.